Update: October 2019 — New drums are ready!! At long last, the latest batch has emerged to sparkle in the sun! There are a few different sizes and scales to choose from. The color is a coppery golden hue, with sparkles, of course! If you are interested, please contact me via email. These are going to go quickly, and due to more travel, I won’t be making any until spring 2020 at the earliest.


Update: March 2019 — I am currently on walkabout. Before I left, I turned in one last batch of drums to the paint shop, and these will be ready when I return home, which will be in July this year. These drums will likely be my last creations for quite awhile - at least that’s what it feels like.

So.. if you are interested in one, and would like to get on the waiting list, please do contact me (auracledrums@gmail.com) and I’ll be happy to stay in touch regarding when they will be available. I look forward to hearing from you!


Update: End of October 2018 — The latest batch of drums is now available! These are Electric Smurf, with LOTS of *Sparkle*!! They’re going fast, but I have a handful left still. Get in touch soon!

I am also very busy making the next few batches, and am planning on having a whole lot available in the beginning of December, just in time for the Solstice :)


Update: September 2018 — What a year so far! I haven’t posted any updates for a long while because, well, life has a funny way of taking you in different directions sometimes, and that’s alright. In fact, it’s been great!

I’ve been collaborating with many other folks & different crews to build large-scale art & environments. And what a summer! So much fun at all the West Coast festivals! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the artists and craftsfolk that make it all happen. I have returned home having sold out of all my drums.

So… I’m busy making the next batch right now - and they’ll be ready very soon! >>> Looking at a finish date of around mid-October. Be on the lookout!! And that will be followed by another batch probably in November, and hopefully a batch of the original design in December in time for the holidays. I’m gonna be busy!

As I mentioned, all drums are sold at the moment.. and I’m going to redo how the website lists the Available ones, when they’re ready, but for now, I’m leaving up the old videos so you can hear some of the scales and get an idea of what you like best.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or stop by to hear the latest. Cheers!


Update:  January 2018      --  Two new batches are available now, in either Emerald Green or Violet.  Both are *sparkly*.  Please inquire.

Sparkly Violet!

Sparkly Violet!

Emerald Green Sparkle

Emerald Green Sparkle


Update: October 2017     --  New batches of drums ready now in Electric Orange, Purple Rain, and Gold Vein!  Hurry, as these ones will go fast!!


Update: May 2017      --  Presenting the new shape of Auracle Drums.


Update: March 2017      --  Get acquainted with these magical drums!

A brief introduction to Auracle Drums, and the steel tongue drums I create. The particular drum I'm playing is in the scale of F Big Bear.

Please listen with headphones or quality speakers for the best sound.