Magical Sound.      Beautiful Art.      Healing Inspiration.


We all have an expression of our own sound.  No matter what it is, by sharing your music with the world, we all benefit.

I am inspired to create an instrument with the vibe of a Hang drum (or steel handpan), yet more accessible and more robust.  I offer these as a way for everyone to connect with that unique, personal vibration, and share your true sound.

Every drum open new horizons, even if you have never played an instrument before.  Each 9-note scale is precisely chosen so that every note compliments the others, and easily offers endless possibilities of rich harmonic discovery.  Playable with your fingers, or mallets, the sound is like mystical wind chimes. 

Proudly crafted in Portland, OR, these steel tongue drums are made out of upcycled propane tank parts.  A durable finish adds a beautiful artistic touch.  Simply inviting to touch and play,  compact enough to share anywhere you go.