Auracle Drums are available in many different scales.  Here are just some of the possibilities.  Check out the videos on the Available page to hear all the different scales I've made so far.

Tuning to 440hz is standard, but 432hz is an option, as are custom scales; please contact me to discuss the options.


F Big Bear

This is the most popular scale, and a great one to start out on.  It is based on an F minor pentatonic scale.  Lots of fun possibilities.


E Akebono

The Akebono scale is common to traditional Japanese music.  An interesting meditative, yet strong scale.


Eb N'Goni

This scale tunes into the African sound, inspired by a lively desert dance under the stars.  Expand your horizons!


Other possibilities for scales include:  Flower of Life, Akebono, Hafiz, Pygmy, Sunshine, N'Goni, Major & Minor Pentatonic, and more..